Re: Help wanted with BrowserNav add-on plugin. Please.


On Sat, Sep 24, 2022 at 12:23 PM, Gene wrote:
You can use a portable version of NVDA that supports browser nav where you want to use it. 

For the love of heaven, please read through what's been posted before posting.

Your recommendation about using a portable version of NVDA for older add-ons that truly are no longer supported is an excellent one, and one I've acknowledged multiple times in the past.

But, it's not relevant here, as the assertion that BrowserNav does not exist in a version that's compatible with current NVDA is wrong.  I already posted about that with direct links to the current version of the add-on.

Anything that intimates that BrowserNav does not have a functioning version in NVDA 2022.x simply subtly drags out an incorrect assertion (which I know you didn't make, but it still makes it appear that action is necessary that is not.  Get the latest version of the add-on if you are using NVDA 2022.x).

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