Re: Help wanted with BrowserNav add-on plugin. Please.

Robert Logue

Wow!  Those are good ideas.  Thanks Gene.  I'll go grab a copy of a version that works with BrowserNav now.


On 2022-09-24 10:23 a.m., Gene wrote:
You can use a portable version of NVDA that supports browser nav where you want to use it.  Often, updates in NVDA don't have any or much effect on using a lot of programs.  I can use a portable version of NVDA that is versions old and it has no bearing on the programs I use.

Others who use other programs than I do would want to use the current version with certain programs but there is no reason to lose the use of add-ons you want to use since the older NVDA version that supports them will likely work just as well with a lot of the programs you use.

To quickly switch versions, create desktop short cuts for the portable version or versions you want to use.  Give the short cuts short cut commands.

Then, to be sure you are in a place where the short cut commands will run, go to the desktop, exit NVDA, then issue the go to desktop command again, then issue the shortcut command for the version you want to run.

I'm not sure you have to do all that, but doing it will mean things work as expected.


On 9/24/2022 10:24 AM, Robert Logue wrote:
Browser-Nav is not supported in the latest versions of NVDA.  I came to depend on it when reading various web forums and poorly formatted tables.

I wrote to the developer.  He does not have a update timeline.

I put off updating NVDA because the plugin won't work.  I did update one machine and already miss Browser-Nav.



On 2022-04-12 7:28 p.m., Gene wrote:
That's how I became aware of the behavior, seeing it on various pages. Youtube is one such site.  I don't know what happens on the home page, but on a page with a video, I can't search from the top of the page for comments by searching for the word.  I have to move down the page enough so comments are displayed.  A search will find them then, but I'm not sure how close I am at that point.  I just move quickly down the page often to find them but I think I sometimes search when I'm partway down the page.  I don't look for comments enough to remember just what I've done.


On 4/12/2022 7:16 PM, Robert Logue wrote:
Hey Gene. Took me a while to see your reply.

Do you use YouTube in a web browser?  I understand what yew said. Web pages are more dynamic now and content may not be shown till we move to the right place.

  Just wonder if you have seen this behavior yourself. Anyone else chime in here.

I discovered YouTube sometimes continues to show the main list of suggested programs on my main page, after I press enter on of of them to start playing it.  The player page and comments are not shown.  I found I just needed to activate the link again to bring up the player.

As for using regular expressions in Browser: I still don't have a clue.  Reading about it gave me a headache.

Oh well...


On 2022-03-17 10:42 a.m., Gene wrote:
I haven't used the add-on but I don't know if it will work in many such cases.  The reason things seem to be missing is the world's accommodation to mobile devices, regardless of the annoyance and inconvenience that may cause those using computers. Web pages used to display all their content.  Now, a lot of web pages change what is displayed as you move through the page. Something like comments as a link won't be displayed until you have moved down the page to a certain point. Less is shown to accommodate the smallness of the displays on mobile devices.

This add-on may not be able to see what isn't displayed and in terms of solving the problem, you may have to find something to set to be moved to first that allows something like the comments link to be displayed, then move to that link using the add-on again or in another way such as using find.


On 3/17/2022 11:26 AM, Robert Logue wrote:
I love this add-on.  Really makes working with web forums so much easier. › browsernav.en.html

I think I can use one of the features to make YouTube easier as well.

• J or Shift+J: Jump to next or previous browser mark. Browser marks are keywords that you search on web pages often and can be configured in Browser settings.

It is just an edit box that says ""Browser marks regexp edit selected (^upvote$|^up vote$)"".  Don't understand this at all. Searched for  regexp but didn't understand anything I found. Don't get regular expression. Not a programmer.

Just want to easily find parts of YouTube that sometimes seem to go missing like comments or the player controls. Was going to try searching for the word next. upvote$|^up vote$)"next





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