Re: Plagiarism Checker with NVDA


This post is interesting because it allows me to point out two things:

1. Questions about which application(s) in a given application class, and plagiarism checker is a good one, are allowed on the NVDA Main Group.  You get more exposure there, and others in the future may want to know the same thing.  (If you want to ask this there, then please do).

2. Questions about the mechanics of using applications other than NVDA are not on-topic for the main group, and should be asked here.  So if someone replies that a given application is accessible with NVDA, discussion regarding the nuts and bolts of using it do belong here.

This query was the perfect example of why I make the distinction between these two things, as answers to the first may be of future interest on the main group, but discussions about the nuts and bolts of any application are not about NVDA, but that application which you happen to be using NVDA to Access.

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