Re: Should I manually check for Windows updates

David Ingram

What happens when you use jaws 2023 to perform the same updates manually? I think in some cases jaws 2023 is more responsive.

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Ah, I see. Its all a bit confusing on Windows 10, I find as last night it presented a n update, then updates to .net frameworks, but had optional updates for drivers etc. However when I left it on the updates window. NVDA, kept stammering and never actually reading anything in its entirety, making it hard to tell what it was actually doing.

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Are you saying they just don't do anything or are they more likely to muck
stuff up?
I would never say "they just don't do anything" nor that they have a significantly greater probability of mucking the system up, I just don't need them.

Many optional updates are "previews" of new features I just don't use, and they will eventually come in the form of a cumulative update or later Feature Update so I'm more than happy to wait until that occurs.

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