Re: Should I manually check for Windows updates

Dave Grossoehme

Hi Bryan:  I have noticed this problem even after the March 2nd update.  If you are in the updates window and check for updates and one is found, then you need to shift tab right away to hear it's name, then the computer may go through the update quickly, that the full name isn't completed, before the machine jumps back to where you were before you shift + tab or you may be in the next place in that window where you can choose to stop updates for a week.


On 11/10/2022 3:00 AM, Brian's Mail list account via wrote:
Ah, I see. Its all a bit confusing on Windows 10, I find as last night it presented a n update, then updates to .net frameworks, but had optional updates for drivers etc. However when I left it on the updates window. NVDA, kept stammering and never actually reading anything in its entirety, making it hard to tell what it was actually doing.

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