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I don't know what that is.
However, the real thing one needs is some kind of automatic program that can just read stuff not read by anything else, and then you have to decide if it is a control and how it works and give it a label and index it somehow to that particular display.
I do remember Dolphin having a crack at something like this in Supernova Pro, and it was very long winded and full of choices that often you were unable to agree on.


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You can try the lion nvda addon.

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I do have a 16 gig machine.

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You'd need a robust machine to make that work seamlessly. A machine with
16 gigs of ram might be a start. These are my views. If I"m wrong, I stand
to be corrected.


On 12/13/2022 1:35 PM, Jay wrote:


What would be the best way to have real time OCR? feel that pressing a
keystroke to OCR the screen when trying to deal with things that aren't
completely accessible can get a little annoying at times so looking for
something that can OCR in real time.

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