Re: The subject of ever changing operating systems interfaces

Dave Grossoehme

True you must be able to charge the batteries and have that knowledge.  However, you are able to carry the tool to a job without needing extra cord.  As far as batteries they are staying charged longer, because we are improving on battery types and there are smaller batteries to serve the same cause that larger batteries did yesterday.


On 12/30/2022 12:58 PM, Brian's Mail list account via wrote:
Yes but then how long is it till you find yourself with a discharge vacuum cleaner or drill and the batteries do not hold their charge. Shavers that used to be battery and mains, now do not work on the mains, they only charge when plugged in. There are down sides to a lot of things. Bear in mind that I deal every day with people who do not understand  that you need to recharge things these days, its not a real battery unless you can change it kind of thinking.

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