Re: more on a problematic pdf file

Dave Grossoehme

Mary have you tried to use another application to read your information with?  Fire Fox has an the capability to read PDF files or Micro Soft Edge is another way.  There are other applications to read PDF with as well, but this is just a few ideas.  If this doesn't help, write back and maybe other ideas can be given.


On 1/23/2023 12:42 PM, Mary Otten wrote:
Hi all,

A while back, I posted about a problem pdf file. The provider of said file was nice enough to strip it of images. The file reads sort of ok on my phone, but I can't access links, of which it has a lot. On my pc with NVDA, having tried both Microsoft sapi5 voices and also Windows one core voices, it reads with all these capital letter a tossed in making the reading impossible. When I asked my sighted spouse, he reported that this capital A is not present in the actual text. My friend who uses JAWS and has Adobe Pro also sees the A's, but they are not visible to a sighted person. I'd be happy to send this file to anybody who might be able to help get to the bottom of why this A problem exists and what, if anything can I do to get rid of the problem, so that I can actually use this file? It seems they did fix the reading order issues, although I certainly haven't looked systematically through the whole file to be sure of that.

Any help out there? At this point, I don't know what to tell the provider, since the problem does not show up if you're not using a screen reader.


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