Re: can't install the 7-zip program

Dave Grossoehme

When you go to download them program, you will receive a message telling you that this is not a windows program.  Just arrow down a couple of times and you will find download anyway.


On 1/26/2023 1:11 PM, Shaun Everiss wrote:

Yeah windows can zip but 7z is a lot easier to handle.

You shouldn't need ninite for 7zip,

Click 7zip and then the latest version.

Install the appropriate version x64 should be what you go for.

The last version is 22.01.

You will have to run the thing as admin in order to set options.
The only issue are the label of the buttons for registration of files but on eavery file go to the second button and hit it and that will do it for all users.

I don't use it for much but it helps me with rar and other files.

It can also access hidden files which can be usefull.

Its also dangerous if you have others access to it because it can access hidden files and protected files but on the other hand if you need to kill old data like windows installs and temp files and know what you are at then its fine.

Its easier than buggering about with folder options and such especially if things half bust like they have been with me at a time.

7zip is easier than doodling with that ,, run in admin and you can do simple opps.

I also like the 7z format.

On 27/01/2023 6:41 am, JM Casey wrote:

It’s not necessary to have it, but having an archiver programme is still useful and gives you features that are not native to windows.

Try going to the 7zip site instead of using ninnite. Get it from the source and install it manually. Choose 64 or 32 bit version depending on your preference and needs.


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With windows 11, it's not necessary to havve 7zip.  Just highlight the files you want in your archive and open the context menu and choose add to archive.




On 1/26/2023 11:25 AM, Rosemarie Chavarria wrote:

Hi, everyone,


Last night I tried to install the 7-zip program from the ninite site but kept getting a message that the installation failed. I wanted to zip up an album to share with a music list I’m on. Does it no longer work in windows 11? Just wondering.


Thanks for your help.






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