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Dave Grossoehme

Jean one time pass word is to be used one time.  Once you are into the product you are forced to change the password to a new password.  A lot of products use this way to reset your password.  This is especially true with many company web sites.  This is how a lot of admin do it when you are working for someone, and your password times out, or is pass the limit of use.  It would not surprise me if this maybe something new G Mail or Googgle is going to.


On 3/2/2023 10:59 AM, Gene wrote:

I have no idea what the person means by one time use.  An application specific password is used instead of your usual password and your e-mail program uses it to sign in every time you open the program and it fetches and sends mail to your account.  It is used as often as your regular password would be.


On 3/2/2023 9:34 AM, Sarah k Alawami wrote:

In my case I am not. The rep actually said I still need this with m365. Even with the newer builds as none of my email accounts wer actgually syncing properly and my password didn’t work, the app specific password which is one time use only according to the rep said it would work and it did. I  still cannot add an email though as it wants me to sign in with this internal browser and I can’t past the email address due to the browser les secure error I’m getting


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that is not true.  You don't need one time passwords.  You need what is called an application specific password if you are using an e-mail program that is too old to use modern security protocols.  I got an application specific password and had no problems such as you describe.  If by codes you mean captchas, I had no problem getting one and solving the captcha with it.  If you have a modern e-mail client, none of this is necessary.  I strongly suspect you are using an older e-mail client, Windows Live Mail, perhaps, or Outlook Express.  You have said you use Outlook Express, though I believe you said you would use something newer on your new Windows 10 or 11 machine when you get it.


On 3/2/2023 2:03 AM, Brian's Mail list account via wrote:

I have found that Google are making stuff difficult for anyone wanting to use a client for their email. ON two different machines running the same client, both now need one time passwords with all that messing about that happens and one time codes that expire before you get to put them in.
Now I'm all for security, but sometimes if you make it too difficult to do, people just get fed up and  use another email service with  perhaps lower security.
Oh and this applies to sighted people as well.Brian


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