Re: Assistance with Microsoft bitlocker

Dave Grossoehme

I'd have sighted help around, since this sounds like something that the screen reader may not read to you.  If no one to help, you might try using Be My Eyes if you have a smart phone to use.


On 3/21/2023 3:13 PM, Khalid Anwar wrote:

Hi there,
For work my new laptop has Microsoft bit locker installed and well I strongly suspect that there is no way to get any input from the screen reader, as it is full drive encryption, I had a question for anyone who is required to use the app.
When you failed to correctly put in the key, you then get given a 64 characters long string to enter instead, no I want to change the pin so it’s more memorable for me, and there is supposedly a way to do this.
in the app it asks you to enter the old pin, followed by the new one but since the 64 characters long I can’t remember what the old one was and I spoke to the IT department work, they said that you can click reset/forgot pin which should open up a dialogue box with some more options, but when I do that nothing happens.

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