Re: Using NVDA as a work tool compared with Jaws.

Dave Grossoehme

NVDA has ADDOn's to download and install to help with a task which are like scripts in Jaws.  With Jaws being written in an older language of C and then being updated to C++ there can always be questions on an older language to a newer programming language where NVDA is written in Python Code.


On 3/20/2023 9:58 AM, Khalid Anwar wrote:

I don’t really want to start a general discussion about the differences between the two, but there is a common theme that jaws is much more suitable for a work environment, more flexible and adaptable than NVDA.
Now I know Jaws has certain advantages, for example, it can be scripted but I’ve never run across a situation at work where I had difficulty accessing a website, although I appreciate that certainly can happen but there are usually alternatives through NVDA by changing the browsing mode and utilising object navigation.
Are there any other advantages I’ve missed to having jaws, I’m wondering whether it’s worth paying for and particularly I’d be interested to hear from people who use both on a day-to-day basis.

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