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  • nvda | chat / Chat Subgroup of the NVDA Group
    The Chat Subgroup is dedicated to the discussion of anything its members want to discuss.  There are no limits except those set by common manners and decency. Many topics have a technical focus about things other than NVDA that may be used with NVDA, but where how to use them, not NVDA itself, is the primary focus.  Others are purely social in nature. The group allows those members of the NVDA community who wish to engage in discussions of  a non-NVDA-centric nature to do so with others who wish to do so as well and to keep those conversations separate from the main NVDA group.
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  • nvda | devlearning / Dev Learning with NVDA
    This group is for the learning of development with the use of the NVDA screen reader.
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  • nvda | listmatters
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