NVDA and Pontes Media Downloader

Stan Bobbitt

Hello, I am interested in hearing what Gene has to say about recording a video from the Internet while it’s playing.


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There is a program called Virtual Recorder. The one I use is a portable version, modified by the late and missed Carlos. I shall provide a link to it. It is a zip file. Unzip it and run the Virtual Recorder.exe file.
NVDA has a problem with the program as it does with some others which should be addressed. It announces everything in the interface when it runs and you can't stop it. Let it announce, then tab around and change settings as you wish. If you have questions ask.

The one thing I'll discuss here is the source selection.

I believe earlier versions of the program didn't record using the both selection properly in Windows 10. If you have problems with this version, I'll see if I have a later one. I'm not sure if the Carlos modified program is still generally available.

There are three choices. Soundcard records from your soundcard only. What you hear records everything you hear and uses Loop Back to make the recording. This is very valuable because a lot of sound cards don't support what you hear and this will let you record in this way. Use that setting to record a Youtube video or anything else you want to record that you hear through your sound card. Start Virtual Recorder, then start the Youtube video playing, for example. You can't edit with this program so you will have to edit the file with another program.

The third source setting is both. Let's say you want to record something playing that requires What you hear, such as a Youtube vvideo or a recording of your screen-reader talking without degrading the sound by using a microphone. Suppose you want to make comments while something is playing. If you use the both setting, you will be recording using both What You Hear and your soundcard. If your soundcard is using microphone as the source, you can record using your microphone at the same time as you are using What You Hear to record something else. If your sound card supports What You Hear, you can record the microphone and the Youtube video or whatever else you are playihng simultaneously with any recording program. If not, this will let you record both at once as though you were using what you hear.