ok for those that want it go



Looks like windows 10 21h2 is finally deploying.

For those that want to try and to be honest there isn't any reason not to due to small number of changes, the update just deployed on my intel 4th gen and my ryzen 2nd gen and I am sure it will be on my other gen intel when I check on saturday.

Remember to deauthorise itunes and deactive/reactivate vocaliser eloquence and anything you think you need before updating.

Also note there is a new store version out.

The only real thing to note is you need to go to library to update your collection.

Otherwise the interface will take a bit to get used to.

Nothing really was changed or noticed to be changed but  there is that.

Before deployment came out there were driver updates for amd displays and intel displays and wireless devices but thats about it.

Nothing should stop people loading this update and its not even changing any real settings.

Its all there within a few seconds.