Using Mendeley Citation Software

farhan israk

I am using Windows 10 21h2 and nvda 2021.3.1. How can I use mendely reference system to cite ieee reference? I am not even understanding the interface. I am not allowed to use any other software or cite  manually.



Questions about the accessibility of specific software with NVDA are permitted on the main group, and I would suggest you ask this again there just so you can possibly get a definitive answer as to whether that software is actually accessible, or not, there.

Any extended discussion of exactly how to use Mendely itself is appropriately placed here.  I have no experience with this citation software so I cannot comment further.  There are tutorials out there on how to import Mendely citations into Word, but those presume you have already created your citations file(s), and it sounds like that may be where your issue lies at the moment.

The company that makes Mendely touts its accessibility: 
My guess is you need to find another screen reader user who actually knows the ins and outs of Mendely and get help from them to get you started.  If that someone happens to be on the NVDA group, having a discussion about how to do that here on the Chat Subgroup would make your learning experience one that others could possibly use in the future.

Brian - Windows 10, 64-Bit, Version 21H2, Build 19044

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