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David Russell <david.sonofhashem@...>

Hello Chat,
I am sorry to belabor this topic but not sure where else to turn as a
screen reader user.
If new to the topic, I am trying to read editorial comments in a
document that are provided by an independent service. I received two
The first is with track changes, which I could review in the View As
HTML option or scan and download option. It's tedius.
The second attachment is said to be a clean copy with accepted
changes. Comments are described as 'regular text' on the right side of
the page.
Using the Scan and Download Option, whenever there is a comment, NVDA
says, "has comment."
I don't know how to access the comment per se, but assume it to be
either an insertion, deletion, or spelling correction.

I have had previous edits by an acquaintance where they used the MS
Word edit feature and the edits appeared as I read through the text.
Is there a name for this type of feature which is much more convenient
in my opinion.

Or, if I use this service again, what can I tell them to use that will
be of most benefit to me on reading and then revising?

If you have used, or have experience working with an outside service
for editing your work, how did you most benefit from what is offered?

Thanks for your help in advance.

David C. Russell, Author
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David Russell <david.sonofhashem@...>

Hello NVDA Chat,

The Provincial Center for Vision Impairment, (
has an article tailored to reading track changes and comments in an
edited document for Jaws, NVDA, and Narrator screen readers. These are
in PDF, and linked per each screen reader.

I will give this a try to see if it makes my document fully readable. Thanks!

David C. Russell, Author

Luke Davis


For the sake of your own helpability, please stop posting multiple separate threads and subject lines about the same thing, I beg you.

By my count, this is now the fourth! separate topic you've created about track changes.

Honestly, with so many concurrently running threads about the same subject, all from you, I have no idea where to respond, which one is about which aspect, etc., and have completely unplugged from even trying to pay attention.

I actually like helping people. It's one of the main reasons I'm on these lists. But if I respond to one of your threads, and you've already started another one it makes me wonder if you'll even see it. Rather than risk waisting my time answering on "the wrong one", I'd rather just not answer at all.

Once you start a thread on a list, please respect us enough to stay within the single thread you originally created instead of constantly starting new ones for every new comment!

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I apologize for the rant, and hope you understand that my intent isn't to flame or embarrass you here. I really do think you will get better help if you follow this advice in the future.