D. McGee Topic Reboot: Thunderbird and Read/Unread Marking for Conversation Threads


A bit of playing has revealed that the Read indicator is strictly tied to an individual message, not a thread/conversation, and will only be accurate for an individual message within a conversation.

However, there is a separate column (much closer to the end of the column list) entitled Unread, which is not an on/off indicator, but a number that shows how many messages in a conversation/thread are actually unread.  It shows nothing (not zero, but nothing at all) if there are no unread messages in a thread/conversation.

You may want to use Mozilla Apps Enhancements to move the Unread column somewhere in the first several columns on display, so you will hear the number of unread messages in a conversation when such exist.  Then, when you are moving through the messages in the conversation the Read/Unread indicator will be active/on when the message itself is unread and be turned off after you've read it.

Brian - Windows 10, 64-Bit, Version 21H2, Build 19044

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Hi all

So I am currently adjusting myself to threaded conversations using Thunderbird and NVDA. Gradually, I am getting use to it. However I have just one quirk which I don't know how to over come.

Basically, when going through a thread that I'm interested in, I have noticed that the: "unread" label isn't at the top of the collapsed conversation. However, if you expand the thread, and drill down into it, you eventually find the "unread" message in the conversation.

So my question is, if a new message comes in to the thread, why doesn't the given programmes, Thunderbird or NVDA, apply the "unread" label at the top of the collapsed conversation? Thus Indicating to the user, they have extra messages in this thread. The best way to describe this is using the IOS mail app. I find that IOS and apple Mail does this very well.

I hope this makes sense.


Please find my current configuration of version numbers and operating system below.

WIN10 Version 21H2 (OS Build 19044.1889)
NVDA Version: 2022.2
Mozilla Apps Enhancements (Mozilla) Version: 1.16
Thunderbird Version: 91.13.0 (64-bit)