question about a Synology box and accessing it for copy/pasting more than one file at a time

Dan Thompson

Hi all, sorry for first sending this to the general NVDA list.

I have a Synology box with two drives equaling 12 terabytes.  I have an account called Memory-Lane2.

After some trial and error I found that when mapping the drives so I could access them in windows explorer, I had to check the box that allows for using an alternative path.  So each drive had to have the Memory-Lane2 in the path name.  Then they show up in Windows Explorer and I can access as usual.


Here is my problem for users who log on to the box, they can access a folder.  However, they cannot select more than one file at a time to copy and paste somewhere on their computer.   If they press enter on a file it goes into the downloads folder as it should.  Also you can highlight a folder and it is downloaded as a zipped file.

My friend says he can drag more than one file with the mouse.  Unfortunately, that does no good for me.


I have since learned in the last two days I need to change the box over to be a ftp site.  Has anyone done this and was it accessible for someone using NVDA to accomplish.  I also use the Synology assistant which makes things easier.

Sorry for the long email.  But I’ve been working through getting this box going for over a month.  Thanks for any help!!