a stand for my new samsung tv

mcLeod stinnett

i just bought a samsung something 8000 43 inch tv from best buy for $349. the problem is my current stand which i have had for 30 years isn't wide enough. the tv doesn't have one of those square mounts on the bottom. it has two cheap pieces of plastic that slide into grooves on the back of the tv. can any of you recommend a good stand to hold this tv. and where to get it.


Don't forget you have the option of having a piece of wood or particleboard cut that can rest on top of your current stand but that extends the width.  That's precisely what I di did when I went from a 40" TV that had a center pedestal stand to a 55" one that has the now ubiquitous two feet, one near each end of the screen.

I don't know why this is considered a better option to the center pedestal, often that swiveled, but that type of "foot" for new big-screen TVs is very, very hard to find.

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