BlindTechGuys RE: Lean Crew Talks Docs

Nimer Jaber

Hello everyone,

The latest episode of the BlindTechGuys podcast is out. This episode focuses on Google Docs, in continuation of the series on web apps. Feel free to check it out, and provide your feedback.


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Hello everyone,


Welcome to episode 80 of the Blind Tech Guys. We trust you will enjoy the latest episode of the pod. Thank you to all of you for listening, and your support means so much to us. We are now heard in nearly 80 countries, 47 states, and Washington DC. Happy Easter to all who celebrate, and happy birthday Microsoft! Thank you to the anonymous donor for the easter eggs!


On this week's episode, Nimer continues our current series on web apps accessibility by running through Google Docs, and in our Did You Know Section, we continue exploring settings on both Android and iPhone.


To listen, head on over to the Blind Tech Guys website, where you can easily subscribe and listen in your favourite podcast player, or you can simply ask your smart speaker to "play the latest episode of the Blind Tech Guys podcast".


Warm regards,


Marco Curralejo


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