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farhan israk

Hello Linkedin user,
Once upon a time, I created some post on Linkedin. They are some old post. I cannot find them navigating my activity. Is there any other way to find it? I have tried searching with keyword in linkedin search box but could not find it. The result is showing other people's post but not showing my post.


I don't use LinkedIn, but I do use search engines, in this case duckduckgo, but the following works regardless of search engine since all of them have the site: operator.

If I do a duckduckgo search on "farhan israk" I get back all posts by anyone named Farhan Israk who ever posted on LinkedIn.  If I add additional search terms, it limits the posts returned in the results.  So, use the following base search: "farhan israk"

with whatever additional search terms are appropriate for the message you're seeking to locate, and it should show up in your search results.  I find that web search engines are very, very good for this sort of search when any site's native search isn't turning up what you're looking for.  You just want to make sure that you choose the correct scope on the site: operator, in this case limiting it to posts on LinkedIn rather than LinkedIn as a whole.

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farhan israk

Ok.  Thank you.