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You may consider this frivolers, or stupid, that is your opinion.

At what age is it OK to become a grumpy old Git?
People tell me that I passed this age last year, namely 70. Actually I think it varies a bit and comes from the experiences you have if you are in any way a minority.

I propose therefore a new set of laws, as we are an aging population.
The GOG laws might include for example that every entity which intends to be a service for the general public, has to publish a telephone number to a person empowered to make decisions, not just send letters full of platitudes and a gift voucher.
Also all companies making software should of course make sure its usable to older folk with various impairments, but I'd go further and suggest that the GOG mode of new operating systems and major software should be skinnable, IE there is no valid reason I can see why new versions could not look and feel like older ones as there are plenty of places on menus to add new features. This could be switchable, so when you log in your personal legacy view will be implemented once set up.
This would avoid the thorny problems of learning the concept of ribbons and the like, as obviously, as we age some of us use muscle memory to do stuff, until it is moved. Its a bit like the way supermarkets move isles for no discernable reason.
After all, back in the old days of shopping we had assistants to show you stuff, then it went self service, now we are in fact seeing a much accelerated change to on line shopping and using software.
I mean if a car driver suddenly found that his steering wheel worked in reverse, or all the pedals moved he would not be happy. Heavens, it bad enough that the dashboards completely change for some people and I have a sighted friend whose car has no real dashboard, but screens and a heads up display.

I'm not knocking progress, but I do feel that a lot of things today assume everyone is a very quick learner, and is on line for the whole day watching twitter etc, so even news is sent out this way.

So I am a grumpy old git, but so many people I meet, sighted or whatever seem to increasingly feel alienated by the pace of change, and most are older, somebody needs to think of those who went before, who in an aging population are becoming a larger number each day.

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