nvda and waterfox classic 2020.10



Has anyone tried the resilio sync with this version?

It will see the top or bottem of the interface but never the entire thing, so I can't move round the tabs like history or change settings etc.

I did at first in classic manage to well have it but I needed to change something and after a refresh it was like that.

I reverted to 08 and its working fine.

There areĀ  still a few crashes on websites like hp.com but it seems to be mostly stable.

Now if I could get the resilio viewing issue sorted out I could upgrade to the latest and greatest.

If not, then 2020.08 is fine for what I need.

Saying that after trying g3, thats the main reason I am not on that, g3 is really fast and hardly crashes, though it still does it a little but still.