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I know that this Covid thing along with staffing shortages mess things up but I am seeing that Lenovo has a really bad shipping system. I placed my order on Sept 20 and was given a ship date of Sept 22 with one day delivery. I don't have my new laptop. Just today I got two different messages with one saying it would not be shipped until Oct 14 and another saying it would be delivered on Oct 6. Each time I inquirer about the actual ship date I am promised a Email with the actual ship from the person I am chatting with at Lenovo and not once do they follow up on that promise. There solution is for me to purchase another laptop that costs $500 more.
Has anyone else had such problems with Lenovo shipping?



While I agree that your experience with Lenovo customer service has been pretty horrible, I also doubt very much that the shipping issues are limited to Lenovo alone.

The entire supply chain in the computer industry was a "manufacture on demand" one, where very little or no inventory was kept.  As the chip shortages started, and have remained, the entirety of computer manufacturing has been thrown into chaos and is completely dependent on the supplies of what it needs being available to assemble.

Online stores such as Lenovo's often show something in stock with 1 left, which is was when you started shopping, but if someone else was shopping at the same time and bought first, away it went.  That's not updated in realtime for other shoppers.

Your only real way around this, regardless of the manufacturer, is going to a brick and mortar store and buying a machine that is in stock there.  Otherwise, be prepared to deal with some potentially very long waits, as well as changes in predicted delivery dates, if the device is not literally in stock for the online retailer at the moment you order it.

Things are a real mess right now, and I'm currently advising clients who don't find themselves in a crisis situation because a computer has died and cannot be fixed to avoid buying anything right now.  It's more expensive, the supply is erratic, and if you're someone who is willing to go the refurb route, we're not at all far away from the point when business class machines that would support Windows 11 will be going off lease and hitting the refurb market.

It makes no sense at all to buy a brand new machine right now that cannot upgrade to Windows 11.  Three years will go by at a blinding speed and Windows 10 then will be no more.  Having hardware where Windows 10 is the last thing that can run on it paints you into a corner.

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