Survey evaluation of learning experience in higher education for blind and visually impaired individuals

Vytautas Ziedelis

Hello my name is Vytautas, I am seeking your help and participation,If you are blind or visually impaired, please take a moment to answer a few questions on this short questionnaire, it will only take 5 minutes of your time. 
I am doing a survey for my college thesis.  This survey is a part of the research project that aims to evaluate the quality of education for blind and visually impaired individuals in higher education. My goal is to get convincing results by getting as many responses as possible. By getting enough feedback I can be more certain with results I get, so please share your opinion, feedback is important and every answer matters.
I am visually impaired myself I struggled in higher education, but I am finally in the 4th year last semester.    of my IT course. From my own experience I understand that many blind and visually impaired individuals have a hard time while studying in higher education due to the various reasons related to visual requirements of the course or support and understanding from the lecturers.
I am writing here to ask you to participate in the survey. As mentioned previously the purpose of this survey is to rate and evaluate education quality blind and visually impaired individuals receive in the higher education. When analyzing survey results I am hoping to find answers to the most common questions and identify issues and concerns  that affects quality of education for individuals with visual disabilities.
I don't think you need much convincing to understand how important it is to have good education quality and support to get access to higher education. I am aiming to get is many answers as I can so I am able to provide survey results and recommendations to higher education institutions. 
I sincerely ask your help and participation to answer the survey yourself and share with your friends or colleagues,  by doing that you are helping me to produce a better project and get more convincing results. When I'm done with the analysis of the survey I will share the findings I think those findings are important and interesting for all of us to read.
This survey doesn't require any personally identifiable information and your answers are anonymous. Thank you for reading this post, I really want to synthesize the following, this is very important survey so please share this survey with your friends, that will help increase the response rate and therefore get more results.  The response rate determines the scope of analysis and therefore increase the quality and importance of this research.
I just want you to know that I fully understand what we are going through,   in terms of education and anything else in between. Regarding the survey once again I am seeking results that would be beneficial for every 1 of us  by getting enough responses I think we can produce important piece of research that may help in the long term.
Notice for screen reader users please use Google chrome or microsoft edge browsers while answering the survey, Sorry for inconvenience.
Thank you for your help and participation.