To United States Members Only, Photo ID?

David Russell

Hello NVDA Chat,

This post is particularly for members in the United States, only.

I am trying to open a brokerage account, and they require either a
copy (photo) of one's ID or driver license. Since I do not drive, the
photo ID is my only option to satisfy this legislated requirement.

How can I go about creating a file that has my photo ID as its contents?

Can I save this file to a portable drive, i.e., thumb drive?
Since they want to see the front and backside of the ID itself, will
MS Word accommodate my needs?

Thanks for your help in advance.

David C. Russell, Author


Simply scan it, front and back.   It's up to you whether you want to save this as image (probably JPG) files, each side separately, or use scanning software that will put as many pages (in this case probably a page per side) in a PDF file.

I generally just save the scanned images to upload when they are required.

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