Web Builder Access Follow-up

David Russell

Dear NVDA Chat,

This may be a bit dated, but is part of an answer received by a
representative from the US Organization, webaim, about the
accessibility of SquareSpace and Wix, respectively. See pasted excerpt
Hi David,
The following information comes from a write-up that a colleague did
for a grant about 12 months ago:

Squarespace is a popular website builder with a drag-and-drop
interface. It does not publish an accessibility statement, but
discussions on its online forum contain a statement from Squarespace
indicating its sites “may not be fully accessible” and is not WCAG 2.0
AA Compliant.
Wix is another popular website builder. It says, “Currently, the Wix
Editor is not accessible to everyone, but your live site is.”

Unfortunately that is not good news in either case, unless they have
made improvements in the last year, but I wanted to pass it along.

David C. Russell, Author