Re: twitter client


A lot of stuff went down today.
A hacker group did a ddos on dyn and dyndns which handles a lot of stuff.
Services include twitter, paypal, spotify, itunes, face book, google, amazon aws s3 and others.
it was down for a couple hours,.

On 22/10/2016 6:27 a.m., Lino Morales wrote:
I think TW Blue's server is down. I just shut it off. I've gotten no
tweets. The last one I got was an hour ago. Sit tight dude.

On 10/21/2016 8:28 AM, Josh Kennedy wrote:

my tw-blue suddently stopped working. I uninstalled and reinstalled
with NVDA it asks me to authorize my account but then it never opens
the browser on windows 10 pro 64bit with anniversary update installed.
Is there another good, free, twitter client I can use? or do I have to
reset my windows10 pc for some reason?


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