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I don't find it's difficult to uninstall readon tv movie radio player. I did it before because I couldn't find way to work with the program.

About finding the stations. After you've fount

the country you continue with tab and you find the list of genres of the proposed stations and with one more tab: the stations alone.
На 22.10.2016 г. в 07:31 ч., Ron Canazzi написа:

Hi Group,

Also if you use the Readon player, be careful about add ware and the inability to remove it. I had to get a special removal tool to get rid of it.

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Hi i have to questions about the Readon TV Movie Radio Player program 1 how do i find a tv show when i select a country and a genre and 2 the tvu player and the sopcast player plugins are not working do i need them for this program and if i do how can i get them to work thanks for any help

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