Re: Delayed descriptions for characters on cursor movement - sluggish

Gerardo Corripio <gera1027@...>

How exciting! In what nVDA version is this found? And where would one turn it on/off?

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El 11 oct 2022, a la(s) 5:46 p.m., Daniel McGee <danielmcgee134@...> escribi├│:

´╗┐Hi everyone

Delayed descriptions for characters on cursor movement

First off, the good. I absolutely love this feature! As I am hearing impaired, it becomes a life saver for me when I am trying to differentiate between the letters: M and N or: F and S.

The bad. Not sure why but when I am moving through text by characters or words, at least for me I am finding quite a bit of sluggishness. So sadly, I turn off when I don't need to check a frenetic character out but ideally would love to just leave the feature on. Has anyone else notice the sluggishness when using this feature?

I completely understand that this is a 1.0 feature and trust it will improve over time.

I know, a slight delay exists between the character being announced, followed by it's synthetic letter alpha-beck word. However, when I use Jaws, you can move around a document till the cows come home and there is no lag when doing so. I just wanted to point out this comparison, as constructive feedback. Otherwise, an excellent implementation to the developers and all involved in bringing this feature built right into NVDA.



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