Re: problem reading text file


you should find screen saver and set it to none.
i dont know about windows ten, because i use xp but you can find
screen saver and set it to none to use say all in every places.

On 10/22/16, John Sanfilippo <> wrote:

I think I recall something like this. Can you manually read thru the
entire file?

I never tried solving this and haven't seen it often.

John S

On 10/22/16 10:27, Gary Metzler wrote:
Hi All,

I get my church bulletin sent to me in a e mail attachment. It opens up
in notepad. When I use the say all command it doesn’t read the whole
file. I start window eyes and it reads fine. Also I tried putting it
into ms word and it reads fine. I made sure that the window was
maximized. I am using the latest nvda and win 10. Has anyone else seen
this? Thanks for any help. Regards, Gary kn4ox

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