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How would writing code by hand help with getting around the issues that the OP talks about with Android studio?

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If you write all of your code in notepad plus plus or by hand some other way you should be able to get around most of what you voice here.


Good luck.


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Subject: [nvda] Wanted: The NVDA community to make Android Studio more accessible


Hopefully you are doing great. I am a visually impaired person and use NVDA screen reader to operate my computer. I am not a visually impaired person by birth, rather I started facing this low vision issue after my studies. After completing my BSin computer science, I did a job in the softer industry as an Android application developer from 2013 to 2015. But due to my vision issue, I have to leave that programming field. Initially I used the magnifier to operate my computer but recently I have shifted towards NVDA screen reader to do my tasks on computer.

The NVDA screen reader is working very well with MS Office, internet browsing and other related tasks. So now I want to return doing the Android Application Development. I have installed Android Studio on my laptop to resume development. But I am facing some issues doing the programming on Android Studio.

Here is the list of some of the issues that I need to be resolved to make Android Studio more accessible for me. Please note that I use Java Programming language for Android App Development. In Java, there is a concept of files, classes, methods, variables etc. Also the Android App Development involves another markup language called xml. While doing programming using Java and xml, I face the following issues:

1.       An Android App Project, consists of Java files, xml files, Android Manifest file and other resources. The NVDA should be able to tell me about my current file name with full extension or type such as a resource file, Java file, xml file or Android Manifest file.

2.       The NVDA should be able to tell me my current location in the Java file. It should tell me the name of class and the method name in which I currently reside.

3.       When I come out of a Java Class, then I should be alerted by NVDA, telling that I have come out of a particular Java class within the file.

4.       When I come out of a method while scrolling or doing my programming, then the NVDA should alert me by saying that I have come out of a particular method.

5.       There must be a NVDA shortcut by which I could be able to know the hierarchy of my Java or xml  file.

6.       In the xml layout file, the NVDA should alert me whether I am inside a tag, inside the body of the xml tag etc.

7.       The NVDA should be able to alert me about the xml tag that I entered or left while scrolling or doing my programming.

8.       The NVDA should be able to read out the Quick Fix options in Android Studio.

9.       The NVDA should be able to read out the possible suggestions given by Android Studio while I do programming.

10.   The NVDA should alert me while I do my debugging process using breakpoints etc.

11.   The NVDA should alert me about the launching of app or about the failures while launching process.

12.   The NVDA should properly read the errors that occur while building the program.

Please consider this email so that these issues may be resolved and the Android Studio could become more accessible for programmers like me. Please make other IDEs like eclipse, IntelliJ IDEA etc accessible for us.

I shall be really grateful if these and related issues could be resolved and the IDEs are made more accessible for our community.




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