Can I Route Mouse Pointer to Browse Mode Cursor?

Kenny <kwashingtonlist@...>



I'm a new user of NVDA so I'm in the mist of learning about it. Was using JAWS exclusively for the past 15+ years.


I've always been better at learning  something when getting a program to do something specific to my needs.


Here's the scenario.


I'm able to navigate to a clickable DHTML element on a web page while in Browse Mode. It's contained within a table (Row 1, column 6.) I located this element first by simply using the down arrow key. Confirmed the exact cell location by using the [Ctrl]+[Alt]+[Right Arrow] key combination.


Now when I try using the Review cursor to locate the same clickable DHTML element, it doesn't see it at all. It simply says the word "Blank" while over it.


The special route mouse function ([Insert]+[/ on numpad]) only works with the review cursor. Is there a way of having the route function work for the Browse mode cursor too?


Even though I'm able to activate that clickable element from within Browse mode by hitting the [Enter] key, there might come a time that I want the mouse pointer to left or right click it instead.


Some elements like this even bring up a sub menu when you mouse over them too.


Any ideas how to approach my query?


Is it possible to create a route mouse pointer to browse mode cursor add-on for NVDA?


How about having the ability to assign a text label to an element visible in browse mode only, so you can find it easily with the review cursor and perform functions on it?


Hope I'm making sense to someone out there LOL!


Thanks for any suggestions.

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