SpeaKey: small addon for people who are learning the use of the keyboard or with hand problems

Simone Dal Maso

this is a short message to inform you of the existence of a new little addon.
It was made for some particular cases, so we are aware that no many users will install it, but there are lots of people with many kinds of difficulties and disabilites.

Thanks to the excellent work of Alberto Zanella, SpeaKey was born.

This add-on adds a keyboard shortcut (Control + Escape) that activates the repeated key reading mode.
When the repeat key reading mode is active, NVDA will announce any key when pressed once. If you press it a second time, the key is passed to the application, you will hear a confirmation beep.
This add-on is useful for people who are learning the keyboard and are not completely confident when the key is pressed.

We also found it useful for this feature to extend to the functions of NVDA.
So for example, if I press nvda-t, we will first hear what that function does and just by pressing it twice NVDA will read us the title of the window.

If you know people who can benefit from this particular use of the keyboard, please let them know!

Two useful links. The first, the one to download the component.


The second, the project page on Github:


Hope this can help someone!

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