Re: SpeaKey: small addon for people who are learning the use of the keyboard or with hand problems

Simone Dal Maso

Il 21/10/2022 11:49, Joseph Lee ha scritto:

I might bring this up on the add-ons list, but I advise avoiding Windows
shortcut keys as much as possible since Control+Escape is used to open
Start menu.
just to give some explanation, we chose control-esc because they are the easiest keys to explain when training and teaching someone the keyboard. They are lateral and are therefore located at the two ends to the left of the keyboard.

it is true that control-esc activates the Windows start menu, even if this command is very old and reminds me a bit of the Middle Ages, when there was no start key on keyboards.
However we are always open to new suggestions, if you find two simple buttons that work in all parts of the world, we can think about it!


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