Re: SpeaKey: small addon for people who are learning the use of the keyboard or with hand problems

Simone Dal Maso

Il 22/10/2022 07:40, Gene ha scritto:
I think this question is pretty much meaningless.  I doubt much of anyone uses control escape anymore.  That command, I strongly suspect, was intended for a time when a lot of keyboards didn't have the Windows key yet.
Exactly. In the 90s control-esc was used to open the start menu, because keyboards with the start key did not exist or were just starting to be produced.
Now the start button is essential.
For us from an educational point of view it is the best solution.

The alternative existed, and that was to press ctrl-backbar. By back bar I mean the key next to 1, on the left.
Someone had written the same thing in a message earlier.
Unfortunately, NVDA doesn't accept that key combination. I can't explain why. It could also be a bug.
In any case, I'm not sure if that combination works in all parts of the world.
That key has different meanings, I think. But still, control-esc remains the simpler choice.


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