Re: Accessibility of Twitter, Medium and LinkedIn PC Apps


Did you use NVDA to install TW Blue? I can't seem to get TW Blue  on to my PC?   

On 22/10/2022 20:37, Sarah k Alawami wrote:

Linked in is 100 percent accessible, at least the website.  I use it all the time to post stuff and follow up on job postings etc.  Try the website with chrome, it tends to work a lot better.


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Subject: Re: [nvda] Accessibility of Twitter, Medium and LinkedIn PC Apps


Thanks for the answers. As for tweesecake, I saw the mail late so i wan't able to test it. Linkedin is so far not accessible. The signin page is accessible, so i was able to signin. After that, NVDA just says blank when i try moving in the interface. I tried restarting the app but not luck.
Next is twitter. I am using a dextop client called twblue. It was designed specifically for blind users. So far everything is okay and accessible.
Lastly, medium. I read an article complaining on it's accessibility so i didn't install it😂.

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