Re: start NVDA after I log in


How is she restarting the PC?  And that's a serious question, as Restart always forces Windows to reload from scratch from the disk, while doing a Shutdown and powering up again may not if Fast Startup is enabled on the system.

Though restarting is the first of the things to do in, The Most Basic Troubleshooting Steps for Suspected NVDA Issues, it's always worth doing the remaining two, though in this case I am doubtful this will result in a fix.  You just never know.

It sounds like the often-used technique of checking, unchecking, then checking the option again has already been tried and not worked.

Beyond that, my only recommendation would be an uninstall and reinstall of NVDA.  If that's not viable, and she knows the NVDA startup keyboard command, then keep using that for the time being.

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