Re: Deploying NVDA, seeing Windows 10 UAC block functionality

Aaron Casper

Hi Jackie,

I used the portable installer, unless I misunderstood,  it does not install but is unpacked and then ready to use.

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Subject: {EXT} Re: [nvda] Deploying NVDA, seeing Windows 10 UAC block functionality
Aaron, this sounds like NVDA is being run as a program
w/administrative privileges, which, of course, it shouldn't.

So let me ask you--did NVDA actually install to the desktop or no?

On 10/26/22, acasper@... <acasper@...> wrote:
> Good Afternoon,
> I've been tasked with deploying NVDA to a VDI [Virtual Desktop
> Infrastructure]  environment, which runs Windows 10.
> While the NVDA portable install seems to work fine for me (the person with
> admin rights), no other user can run it.  The application is blocked by
> Windows UAC.
> The error found in the event logs is as follows:
> The process failed to handle ERROR_ELEVATION_REQUIRED during the creation of
> a child process.
> This seems to indicate that NVDA is trying to elevate itself without
> permissions.
> Can someone clarify why this might happen, and what steps we can take to
> enable use of this tool?  We cannot disable UAC or limit it's current
> functionality due to security policies.
> Thank you,
> Aaron Casper

Jackie McBride
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