Re: Deploying NVDA, seeing Windows 10 UAC block functionality


Here's from the NVDA user guide:
3.1. Portable and Temporary Copy Restrictions
Apart from the inability to automatically start during and/or after
log-on, the portable and temporary copies of NVDA also have the
following restrictions:
• The inability to interact with applications running with
administrative privileges, unless of course NVDA itself has been run
also with these privileges (not recommended).
• The inability to read User Account Control (UAC) screens when trying
to start an application with administrative privileges.
• Windows 8 and later: the inability to support input from a touchscreen.
• Windows 8 and later: the inability to provide features such as
browse mode and speaking of typed characters in Windows Store apps.
• Windows 8 and later: audio ducking is not supported.

Out of curiosity, where did you install the portable version to?

On 10/26/22, Jackie McBride <abletec@...> wrote:
Aaron, this sounds like NVDA is being run as a program
w/administrative privileges, which, of course, it shouldn't.

So let me ask you--did NVDA actually install to the desktop or no?

On 10/26/22, acasper@... <acasper@...> wrote:
Good Afternoon,

I've been tasked with deploying NVDA to a VDI [Virtual Desktop
Infrastructure]  environment, which runs Windows 10.

While the NVDA portable install seems to work fine for me (the person
admin rights), no other user can run it.  The application is blocked by
Windows UAC.

The error found in the event logs is as follows:
The process failed to handle ERROR_ELEVATION_REQUIRED during the creation
a child process.

This seems to indicate that NVDA is trying to elevate itself without

Can someone clarify why this might happen, and what steps we can take to
enable use of this tool?  We cannot disable UAC or limit it's current
functionality due to security policies.

Thank you,

Aaron Casper

Jackie McBride
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