Re: Braille Display input oddities

Sam Taylor

Hello again,

As an update to my earlier message, reverting my configuration seems to have solved the issue. I can only deduce that one of my previously installed add-ons may have been the cause of this, unless I overlooked one of the settings in document formatting.



On 27/10/2022 12:30 pm, Sam Taylor wrote:
Hi all,

Not sure whether this is a new development, or whether I've simply not noticed the behaviour previously and have been slow on the uptake.

When I input text via a braille display, there now appears to be a start and end symbol or shape, which looks like p, and th, with dots 7 and 8 added. I don't recall this being present before, and it certainly can make it challenging to proofread, and a deal-breaker for recommending  this to younger users.

It occurs regardless of the braille grade/code, and with add-ons disabled. Can anybody replicate, and/or tell me how to disable this? It doesn't happen when using JAWS. For reference, I'm using the BrailleSense/HIMS driver over USB.



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