Re: SpeaKey: small addon for people who are learning the use of the keyboard or with hand problems

Simone Dal Maso

I am quite tired of this discussion and I think I have been clear on the subject.
We have chosen the combination of ctrl-esc keys only and exclusively for didactic and teaching reasons.

If in some computer science museum someone has found a keyboard without the Windows key, it will be sufficient to redefine the key combination as the user I am answering did for convenience.
The addon will not change, just take it as it is.
If you find it useful, fine; otherwise, friends as before!

Best regards.

Il 27/10/2022 11:04, Jason Bratcher ha scritto:
Glad I remembered one major "Houston we have a keystroke problem" with this add-on...
Control+Escape opens the Start menu/screen for those without a Windows key on their keyboards.
As soon as I installed the add-on,
I immediately changed that keystroke to NVDA+`
(grave accent/tilde to the left of the 1 on the top row of numbers on U.S. keyboards).
Hey, not too shabby of an add-on?
Jason Bratcher

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