NVDA and Teams: Text While Reading a Reply In a Channel Getting Cut Off Due to Attempt to Cancel Speech For Expired Focus Events Being Enabled

David Goldfield

I recently noticed this behavior and it was maddening as I knew it hadn’t occurred with earlier versions of NVDA.

First, here’s what I’m using and the symptoms. This occurs with NVDA 2022.3 as well as with 2022.4 Beta 2. I’m using Microsoft Teams version, Windows 10 Enterprise, version 21 H2.

This issue occurs when I’m in a public Teams channel and while I’m reading a reply to a message with browse mode disabled. I must emphasize that the behavior I’m about to describe only occurs with a reply to a message and not with the original message that started the thread.

In this example, suppose I send a message to a channel and John Smith sends out a reply. When I move to John Smith’s reply, NVDA should read it as “reply from John Smith” followed by the text of the reply. Lately, instead of hearing the expected text NVDA says “reply from” and then the rest of the message gets cut off and it then says “menu.” This behavior is very consistent.

I had a feeling that the culprit was one of the Advanced Settings options. Sure enough it’s connected to the “Attempt to cancel speech for expired focus events” setting. Once I disabled that setting NVDA reads the replies properly.

I’m wondering if this is a bug with NVDA or specifically with Teams? If it’s likely something that needs to be dealt with in Teams and if NVDA is just doing what it’s being told to do I can report it to the Microsoft Enterprise Disability Answer Desk. If it’s an NVDA issue I’m happy to report it in their Github. Thanks for any insight anyone can provide.




David Goldfield,

Blindness Assistive Technology Specialist

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