Unable To Access Documents In Google Docs

Bhavya shah

Dear all,

I am using NVDA 2022.3 and the latest stable version of Microsoft Edge
on Windows 10. At least for the last several weeks, I have not been
able to access Google Docs document directly. I Press Ctrl+Alt+Z to
turn screen reader support on and off, switch between browse and focus
modes, and arrow around and Tab around to no avail. While navigating,
I simply get "grouping focused off screen" and "Document content
edit multi line blank." I have been going into focus mode and going
Ctrl+A followed by Ctrl+c to paste the document text in a separate
text editor to review, which, of course, is a non-ideal work-around.

Have you experienced this issue? Do you know of a more effective
solution? I would truly appreciate any tips or suggestions.

Kind Regards,
Bhavya Shah
B.S. in Mathematical and Computational Science | Stanford '24
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/bhavyashah125/

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