Re: Follow-up: Problems with [nvda] Outlook 2016

Ralf Kefferpuetz

Hi Ralph,



I can believe in Option 2.

I also hear the table view when switching in a folder, but all messages are read perfectly with unread and attachments etc.

In the View ribbon I have turned off reading panel, todo and people and my outlook is in Folder view (control-6=


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From: [] On Behalf Of Ralph Boersema
Sent: Montag, 24. Oktober 2016 18:14
Subject: Follow-up: Problems with [nvda] Outlook 2016




So far, I have not been able to resolve the problem related in my message below. May I add two more questions? I am working with a new drive, new installation of windows 10, new subscription to Office 2016 for business, and new download of NVDA:


1. Can anyone tell me that they are not having the problem I encounter with Outlook 2016?


2. Is it possible that this problem arises from something to do with how my programs are installed, including the sound output devices? I doubt it, since everything else seems normal, but I thought I should ask.





From: [] On Behalf Of Ralph Boersema
Sent: Friday, October 21, 2016 4:07 PM
Subject: Problems with [nvda] Outlook 2016


Dear Folks,


Before this conversation dies down, let me put my problem again. I have used Outlook 2007 for a number of years and was satisfied with how NVDA worked with it. Now I have Office 2016 for Business. My outlook opens the inbox in a view that NVDA announces as “Table View.” It is simply the list of emails that I am familiar with as the list of messages in the folder. When I navigate this list the sender, Subject, Date and Time are announced in the normal way, but not other fields (whether the message is unread or flagged or has an attachment). Visually, the closed envelope, flag, and paper clip are all present in their respective columns. Does anyone have the same experience or did anyone find out how to solve it?


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