Re: How to right click using laptop keyboard.

Kevin Cussick

Hi, tried the context key and nothing happens doubt shift f10 would be any different but thanks will give it a try this is a case for the system tray addon working over the normal way of accessing the tray in window's.

On 17/03/2016 22:22, Gene wrote:
If you don't have a context menu key, try shift f10. That is a Windows command and most of the time right clicks the item you are on.

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Hi, trying avg again, in the system tray I tried this keystroke and
I did get a context menu, but it was not for avg! it said programs
and features and I can't remember what else any other ideas? yes I can
use the system tray addon might have to as it actually does work but
thought there should be a right click for programs in the system tray.

On 17/03/2016 21:14, Brian Vogel wrote:
Right Click in NVDA is NVDA+] on laptop keyboard layout and the right
square bracket is two keys to the right of the 'P' key on standard
keyboards (whether laptop or desktop).


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