NVDA issue with MS Teams

Ravindran V.S.

Hi Team,


I am finding difficult to access and click the  Allow/ Deny’”buttons when I share screen on MS Teams. When the person on the other end asks for permission, it is very hard to find the above mentioned buttons or even to reach them.

So need to get a sighted help here or JAWS is manageable to get the buttons.

Also, even after clicking on the share button, selecting the options , like screen, desktop etc. are also not easy to access.

Is there any way that we could set NVDA to focus on these request messages when they appear?

Also, it would be ideal that if NVDA can change the focus or read out the chat messages when they pop out.

Is there any add-on to support MS Teams?

I would kindly request if more accessibility features through NVDA on MS Team is much appreciated.

Any suggestions and work arounds would be more helpful.


Windows 11 enterprise Edition 64 Bit

version 21h2

OS Build 22000.1098


NVDA Version: 2022.3


Teams version: 64 bit




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