UIA for MS Office Word - Footnotes issue


Greetings, everyone!

I have a case of a Word document (MS Office 2016 version) with footnotes that restart numbering (1, 2 and so on) at each unit section. I have been advised in the past to keep UIA enabled to access Microsoft Word document controls in order to listen to NVDA read footnotes properly.
Nevertheless, if I select the default option "where suitable" or "only when necessary", NVDA keeps reading the footnotes numbering continuously and doesn't restart numbering for each separate unit.
If I select the "Always" option when enabling UIA, then footnotes are totally ignored by NVDA!
Any ideas on how to fix this or someone pointing out what I might be doing in the wrong way?
My PC runs on Windows 10 and I have installed the most recent NVDA version (Greek language, using WIndows OneCore voice "Stefanos").
I am terribly sorry for bothering you for something like this, but I am actually a novice user of NVDA, so I'm still trying to find my way around things.

Thank you in advance!

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