Re: NVDA with Win10 or Win11?


Dave, I think he asked that of David Russell. Indeed, he addressed him
as David, while your first name reads Dave in your email header. Could
be wrong. Have been before, will be again, probly before the day is

On 11/11/22, Dave Grossoehme <dave@...> wrote:
Bryan:  I'm using Thunderbird and pressing the application key and going
down to reply to all.  Should I be going to the bottom of the message
and pressing the reply there instead.  I never have had this problem
before.  I have used the same procedure for probably the last 10 years.
I haven't changed the way this is done.  Has there been something
changed in the last version of TB for you to see this?


On 11/11/2022 2:17 PM, Brian Vogel wrote:

Thanks for your appreciation.  Now I have a request:  Please use Reply
to one of the messages already part of the topic you introduced when
adding content.

For some reason, your messages come out with capital RE at the front,
minus a colon after RE, and the original title (sometimes modified).
Any of these things are not typical of an email client or webmail
client reply to a message, and it's causing your topics to be split,
often repeatedly, as you make each reply.  It seems as though you're
creating these replies by hand, though I can't say that for sure.

It's just a PITA to keep having to merge each of your replies back in
to the original topic.

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